Community Strategic Plan

Welcome to the Towards 2042 Community Strategic Plan project!

Every four years, each New South Wales Council must work with their community to develop a Community Strategic Plan to document the community’s aspirations and priorities. We are currently reviewing our Community Strategic Plan as part of a regional project, Towards 2042, that considers both local and regional issues

Having a Community Strategic Plan ensures that our council planning originates from a sound understanding of the community’s expectations around priorities.

Council has a custodial role in initiating and preparing the Community Strategic Plan, but it is a community plan. Many partners, such as state agencies and community groups, will be responsible for its implementation. The Community Strategic Plan ensures the whole community can contribute and work towards a shared vision for a better future.

Key questions we’re asking you as part of the Towards 2042 consultation include where we are now, where we want to be in ten years, how we will get there, and how we will know if we’ve been successful.

There are plenty of ways that you can get involved:
  • Complete the online or hard copy survey
  • Attend a community pop up
  • Respond as a group using the Discussion Guide.
  • Complete a Drawing Sheet (available in the Document Library)

Towards 2042 allows us to consider what we love about where we live, what we’d like our future to look like, and how we will get there.

Let’s work together to capture a future vision that respects our unique local area and lifestyle. Tell us what would make our community an even better place to live in 10 years from now.

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